objects that encourage play with food

Material: PLA filament, porcelain, cherry wood. 

Konstfack 2017

Exhibition Konstfack, inked and glazed porcelain casts with PLA maracas. 

In this object salt and pepper meet and greet the maracas. The black and white maracas stand on the dinner table with their handles in the air. The black and white color and abstractions of P & S communicate it's content. When placed on the table the stand on their "head" if the are filled, as soon as there isn't enough spices to hold them up the will fall och communicate the they need to be refilled. Both "handle and head" are slightly conical so the lock when fixed together.

They come in two different materials, 3D printed with PLA filament and porcelain clay. The porcelain heads come with two different versions, black and white glaze and in inked clay.

Exhibition Konstfack, overview of exhibited objects on dinner table. 

Ceramic dep. Konstfack, detail of porcelain casts and mold.​

Ceramic dep. Konstfack, porcelain casts before burning.

Ceramic dep. Konstfack, detail of working tools. 

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