A complicated love story about moss, concrete and water. 

Stockholm, 2019

This project has been about exploring a locality, a particular area and let that area guide the project. I have explored a place somewhere in between places, a forgotten place were some thrive because of its inaccessibility. A place where unexpected natural phenomenons and discarded tv-sets are setting the atmosphere.


The 5 meter high moss structure that was growing on one of the concrete foundations was the thing that moved me the most. Talking to experts from the Natural History Museum in Stockholm made me aware that this structure had probably been growing there since the 60s when the concrete foundations were made. They also explained how this quite rare moss (Didymodon fallax) creates its own structure (tuft) out of the calcium rich water that was running out from the concrete wall. 

Below is a sculpture made with inspiration from the moss structure. 

Collaborator: Linus Hultgren

Didymondon Sculpture2.jpg
Didymondon Sculpture1.jpg