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Exploring sounds of sand with children from Akindo.

As part of the collaborative project TIME FLIES a series of workshops where made to explore how sound, sand and time relate to each other. A group of 10 children from the organisation Akindo were invited to participate and co-create this yet unknown sculpture. The intention was to keep an open mind and not to have too many pre-determined ideas of what we would create. Instead their play would influence the direction of the project. 

Over the course of two exploratory workshops with the children of Vakantiehuis Akindo, it soon became clear that the activity of filling a hanging funnel with sand was extremely popular. The whirling of the sand through the narrow opening of the funnel is a fascinating sight. As the filling and pouring went on, it soon became a collaborative and connecting experience. The sight of the children playing with sand gave a sudden insight into the universal nature of games in the sand. 

We also created a two immersive "sand sound landscapes". These "tracks" where recorded and edited by the Icelandic sound artist Bergur Anderson. The children were inspired and helped by artists and music educators Maxim and Haroun Iqbal to find rhythms and unique sounds. They only used sand as medium to hit drums, cymbals,  tubes and other materials. Depending if they used it slow or fast, dragging it or throwing it a wide variety of sounds were created. Below you can listen to the two tracks:

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