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Gone fishing 

an inclusive sport fishing boat concept.


Gone fishing is a boat rental service with the purpose to encourage people to go fishing and experience the Stockholm archipelago. 


Many of the people who are fishing either own a summer house in the archipelago or they regularly fish as a hobby. The hobby fishermen, also referred to as anglers, usually have professional equipment and their own boat. Some have their boat on a trailer and others rent a dock. Owning a boat could be quite expensive since you need to rent a dock or put it at your summer house. The maintenance of the boat is also expensive as well as winter storage if you don’t have access to a garage. We would like to make fishing more accessible for everyone in the Stockholm area, so that more people can make the experience the archipelago.

The catamaran pontoons are v-shaped in the front to assist planing of the boat and the end is flat to accommodate the propulsion system.


It is driven by an electric hydro jet propulsion system for it’s environmental benefits. Some of the other advantages is that the boat can go into shallow water. The propeller is hidden inside the hull which protects aquatic life and swimmers as well as fishing equipment. The hydro jet also makes the boat easy to manoeuvre.


The boat can go on max speed for four hours at 20 knots. The batteries can be recharged at all of the dock stations who are partly driven by solar energy.

Project was a collaboration between Konstfack and naval architects from KTH school in Stockholm. We at konstfack was responsible for concept, design and project management, KTH students worked with the technical parts like propulsion, stability och resistance. 

Collaboration with:


Emilia Pudeck

Hillevi Hesseldahl




Rui Doi      

Rémi Claudel 

Srikanth Ananthasubramanian       

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