Melting reflections 

visualization of a environmental concern

Material: Water, steel, halogen light bulb, silicone, plaster.  

Stockholm 2018

Details of prototype, a melting iceberg drips into a glass bowl.  

Albedo is the measure term for how reflective a surface is and how well it bounces sun rays back into space. The South and North Pole have managed to reflect back the majority of the sun rays that reach Earth, this have helped us achieve a balance. Now the glaciers are melting and many places on Earth will endure enormous and catastrophical changes.    

Photo from, Iceberg at Nordvestfjord, Greenland. 

We have it hard to grasp what is happening and what the effects will be due to our ignorance and a lack of visual perception. My belief is that if we can visualize the problems we are facing it will be easier to understand them and start changing our habits. 

My contribution to this topic is this ice and light luminaire that will hopefully help people to reflect. The lamps form and visual aesthetics is still “under construction” and there are two versions of it. 

Both works circle around a melting ice berg that slowly, slowly drips into a big glass bowl. The one of them is lit with a halogen lamp from underneath. While the amount of drips increases the reflections of the water in the celling gets getting bigger and bigger. Suddenly the celling is covered and it feels like you are sitting under the surface. The other one projects the water surface horizontally on the walls and here you will experience how the surface raises with every drop.  

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