Surrealistic Jungle 

a installation at the late Gallery 2:35.1 nightclub, Berns.

Collaborative project with Fredrik Stjärne

Material: Mixed media.  

Stockholm 2014

When Berns Gallery 2:35.1 had their 7th year anniversary me and artist Fredrik Stjärne got the opportunity to create their costume for the evening.  We built a surrealistic forrest inside the normally raw and minimalistic grey space. The floor was covered with plastic grass and the DJ booth was covered with plants and a garden plot embraced the dance floor. In one of corners we had the worlds smallest gallery and a 1 photograph exhibition by amazing photographer Viktor Flumé. The entrance was built as a bridge to symbolize the transition to another world and pillars where filled with sticks and deep red apples where hanging around for the guests to enjoy. 

Detail of the garden, a huge flower box with a mish mash of things.

The Gallery,  birds living in the flower box.

The Gallery, worlds smallest gallery with photo from Viktor Flumé. 

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