A product with human behaviour and aesthetic.


Material: Not defined

Konstfack 2018

Your biggest fan is a table fan that explores human behavior and aesthetics, you have to give it attention for it to work. There is no on/off button, instead a sensor is connected in the front that reacts to movement. When it’s not in use the two eye shaped fans hang down as a sad response. As soon as someone approaches him, the fans start spinning and looks super happy to see you. Your biggest fan! 


We tend to turn on the electric devices in our homes, they are often on even though we don’t use them. This object is intended to make us reflect on that behavior. Also, could those cute anthropomorphic aesthetics make us care for a product? 


This product was created in a project where I explored the heritage and origin of the fan. I made 9 prototypes with the fan as a starting point. The prototypes were made with three new perspectives in mind, one of the perspectives was; what if the fan had human behavoirs? What would it look like and how would it interact with us?