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A sound sculpture that comes to life in rain.


Material: Stainless steel

Size: 625x625x1000mm

Stockholm - 2020

Edition of 7 + 2 AP 

mail for enquiries 

Rainwaves is a sound sculpture in stainless steel that gives shelter but foremost enhances and plays with the sound of rain. When rain hits against the 25 rain drums, different tones are played. Rainwaves are a modular system, several modules can be mounted together to create a big variety of forms depending on where it will be placed. Several assembled modules can become a roof, a rain pavilion or a sound sculpture. The pictures shows one module of 25 rain drums in size 625x625mm, It is the thickness of the steel that creates the different tones. Rainwaves is designed to gather and give the rainwater direction, the rain is collected in the middle and flows down until it becomes a little waterfall. 

Rainwaves is one of two proposals that was part of my master degree project A tribute to when it’s raining. I explored how I can use design to awaken our senses, design that inspires us to reimagine and rethink our relationship to rainwater. A tribute to when it’s raining was made in collaboration with the organisation Rain Gothenburg and foremost Jens Thoms Ivarson. Rain Gothenburg is commissioned by the city of Gothenburg to create new ways of experiencing rain with the help of design and art.

My intention is that Rainwaves will create a sense of awareness, that the experience makes one to slow down and reflect. I wish that it creates a space where you feel that you come closer to nature, an uncontrolled sound experience by rain.

Rainwaves Nature 1200.jpg
Rainwaves studio.1.jpg
Rainwaves studio.2.JPG
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