A installation at a dream festival for children


Collaborative project with Johan Lantz & Hillevi Hesseldahl

Material: UV light, xerox paper

Link to mix: www.soundcloud.com/edit-4/mix-when-children-dream 

Stockholm 2016

Many people have visited the forest in their dreams. It could appear as a threatening and daunting dark place, or as something calm, beautiful and mysterious. We created a forest made of paper on a toilet at the children’s cultural festival Dreamland. The leaves are cut out of thick white paper and lit with an ultraviolet light bowl which gives the leaves a color spectrum within the blue green colors. We wanted to play with the children’s minds and give them doubts about the leaves real color:

- “Are the really blue or white?”

- “What is real, what you see or what you think?”

Both children and adults can experience something peaceful and quiet when entering this blue green forest toilet. A fan is mounted in the ceiling and makes the leaves move slowly and rhythmic to the special composed mix of music. Some of the leaves were gently dipped in cedar wood scent to enhance the experience. I also composed a 30 mix of organic and calming ambient music.