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A luminaire that comes to life when it rains.



Material: Hand blown glass, natural rubber, steel and led

Size: Approx 300x400mm (all are unique and differ) 

Stockholm - 2020

Raindance is a light armature that collects rainwater in its drop formed body of hand blown glass. The water is lit up from above and the water reflections are projected on the ground below. The rain acts as a living optic lens and refracts the light which creates a dreamy light phenomenon on the ground. When the wind blows and a drop of rain falls on the water surface, the reflections are dancing on the ground. My intention was to create an experience that makes one long for rain, rain that activates and gives this light installation life. I want Regndans to be seen as a fragile raindrop with industrial components that keep it together. A clash between the drop formed hand blown glass, the raw industrial parts and rain, nature meets technology. 

Rainwaves is one of two proposals that was part of my master degree project A tribute to when it’s raining. I explored how I can use design to awaken our senses, design that inspires us to reimagine and rethink our relationship to rainwater. A tribute to when it’s raining was made in collaboration with the organisation Rain Gothenburg and foremost Jens Thoms Ivarson. Rain Gothenburg is commissioned by the city of Gothenburg to create new ways of experiencing rain with the help of design and art.

I wanted to create curiosity around rainwater, to celebrate it as the life giving power it is. My expectation is that people of all ages can gather and defy the rain for a dance, a moment together with a stranger from the other side of town.

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