a luminaire that collects and projects water reflections


Material: Hand blown glass, natural rubber, led light. 

Konstfack 2020

I have explored how design can awaken our senses to the natural world, design that inspires us to reimagine and rethink our relationship to rainwater. This is an objects that come to life when it’s raining.


I have made a luminaire that collects rainwater, the rain is then lit up from above and projected on the ground. When the wind catch the luminaire the reflections of the water is dancing on the ground.

It is made of hand blown glass and all the details are made in natural rubber. A material that is resistant to harsh weather and its flexibility is very gentle towards glass. I want Raindance to look like a big raindrop with industrial components attached to it. A clash between a fragile raindrop and the raw industrial parts that keep it together. 


The glass drop is made in 3 parts, the bottom holds the collected rainwater. A gap between the next piece held together by the rubber straps. Up at the top you can see another gap that lets in small amounts of water but filters away leaves and other debris.

© Studio Vallbo 2016