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Regndans (raindance)

a luminaire that enhances a natural cycle

Part of the KTH research project "Sensing energy"

Material: Acrylic, wire, halogen lamp. 

Konstfack 2017

Vernissage at Tullinge, presentation of idea and concept on location. 

I have made a luminaire that collects rain in a acrylic bowl, the rain is then lit up from above bye a halogen lamp. The halogen lamp is great at showing the whole color spectra, contrasts of movement and projecting them on a surface. When the wind catches the luminaire the reflections of the water is dancing on the ground.

Vernissage at Tullinge, overview of illuminated path. 

This project was about looking at new ways of lighting up dark pathways in a suburb to Stockholm. Paths in the Stockholm area are often lit up by strong led-lights that projects light from the sky onto the path. This gives a lot of light on a small area, but the area around feels even darker due to the strong contrasts. Our eyes tries to adapt to the new conditions at every new light pole which makes it hard get a overall view of the path. The municipality and light designers that manage these questions talk a lot about efficiency per watt but not about the actual experience of walking down a dark path. 

Many citizens have become distanced from nature and afraid to walk these paths. I wanted to explore elements in nature and enhance them through light as a way to spark curiosity and make them engaged when walking in the dark. This could be a way to make them feel safer and forget about unpleasant thoughts.

Indoor testing, water filled luminaire. 

Indoor testing, details of reflections. 

Indoor testing, water filled luminaire. 

Indoor testing, reflections through the luminaire without water. 

Indoor testing, reflections through luminaire without water.